Based on findings from over 12,000 hours of
in-depth interviews conducted by ERDM
VoC Research Innovators.

Delivering a truly personalized customer experience has emerged as one of the most powerful competitive differentiators. This requires uniquely rich and deep levels of traditional data and opt-in personal preference and insight information.

These recommendations are based on insights from industry thought leaders and research findings from over 12,000 hours of Voice of
Customer (VoC) research conducted with customers and prospects of Fortune and Growth companies such as IBM, MassMutual, QVC, Microsoft, Norton AntiVirus, HMS National, and Songza.

Included are 5 strategies you need to utilize the full power of human data:

  • Strategy 1: Understanding Value-Based Personalization
  • Strategy 2: Understanding How to Obtain Deep Opt-in Personal Preference Human Data
  • Strategy 3: The Pyramid of Trust is Key for Obtaining Valuable Preference Information
  • Strategy 4: The 6-Step Circle of Value
  • Strategy 5: Why Value-Based Preference Data is NOT Big Data.

The whitepaper concludes with 12 action items to help drive deep engagement.

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