Is your company able to implement its own solution for gathering zero-party data, customer insights, and consent? Or do you need the advisement of an team of experts?

For small to medium-sized companies that interact with contacts through one or two communications channels, customer zero-party data needs may be met through their ESP and/or CRM solution. While companies utilizing this solution must be mindful about data storage and the introduction of other sales or marketing automation tools, they can often address their unique needs through the platform they already use for communications.

For larger companies, the challenge is more complex. Enterprises need an experienced partner to assist with zero-party data management because the technology is hard, the planning and governance is harder, and the regulatory risk requires an experienced approach.

Lastly, working with an expert provider has proven to save enterprises significant time and money. To read more about the pros and cons of a DIY solution, fill out the form to the right.

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Is the management of zero-party data a do-it-yourself initiative that your company can execute on its own?

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