Based on findings from over 16,000 hours of
in-depth interviews conducted by ERDM
VoC Research Innovators.

Extensive Voice of Customer (VoC) research indicates a high level of B2C and B2B frustration with the poor quality of today's personalizaon, CX and lifecycle engagement.

Given this frustration, and in spite of data privacy concerns, customers are willing to provide deep B2B or B2C information to drive proactive, explicit personalization. This is a major opportunity for marketers to enrich traditional implicit, inferred data, with self‐defined, explicit human data (zero-party data).

Inside this whitepaper, you will find tips regarding:
  • VOC research-based CX tips and takeaways
  • Purchase and onboarding
  • Deepening the customer relationship
  • Personalized repeat sales and renewals

Read 24 of the best VoC research-based tips and takeaways for CX innovation: