MyPreferences® Decision Service for Oracle Eloqua is an app for Oracle Eloqua users to perform real-time checks against customers’ consents, preferences, and other zero-party data held within MyPreferences to execute highly personalized and compliant campaigns.

With MyPreferences Decision Service, marketers can:

Build highly personalized campaigns: Evaluate contacts' preferences, consents, feedback and other zero-party data points before outreach.

Perform consent verification: Evaluate contacts' most recent consent statuses in real-time before initiating a campaign. For example, confirm wireless consent before sending an SMS campaign or a marketing consent before a communication is ever sent.

Ensure Do Not Contact compliance: Comply with DNC, TCPA, CAN-SPAM, CASL, and other mandated regulations by verifying contacts' against National and State Do Not Contact registries, Wireless Lists, Litigator List, and other mandated and internal Do Not Contact lists.

Define Match Criteria
Define the match criteria to establish a link between MyPreferences and Oracle Eloqua.
Define Evaluation Criteria
Defines evaluation criteria if more than one matching profile is found.
Define Decision Criteria
Define decision criteria by choosing various entities that store customer data in both systems.
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PossibleNOW provided the most advanced consent & preference management platform before consent & preference management was cool. In fact, we were a featured partner at Oracle's Modern Marketing Experience Conference in 2015. That thought leadership continues today.

“PossibleNOW puts the marketer in control of creating the preference experience,” said Oracle Vice President Steve Krause, during his keynote presentation.

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