Financial institutions' risk for TCPA audits by the FDIC is now a guarantee.


FDIC-backed banks and savings organizations consider examinations and audits a way of life. But in November 2023, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (the OCC) sent out a bulletin that the annual FDIC audit will now specifically include:
  • TCPA compliance
  • Quality of the TCPA policies, procedures, & internal controls
  • Reassigned Number Database (RND)
  • Express written consent collection and revocation

“Risk has increased for financial institutions, because
the likelihood of noncompliance being discovered
has increased."

With this announcement, it is vital for banks who conduct telemarketing, debt collections or any type of automated calling to organize a comprehensive review of their TCPA compliance practices.

PossibleNOW's TCPA Packaged Solution for
FDIC-Backed Institutions

We offer the most comprehensive financial services compliance bundles and standalone solutions. Contact us today to determine the best solution mix for your organization.

  • DNCSolution handles direct marketing compliance with relevant legislation across all channels of communication including, calls, texts, emails, and direct mail.
  • Reassigned Numbers Database tracks landlines, mobile numbers, and VOIP. Any institutions not verifying numbers against the RND are at risk of costly violations.
  • Litigator List is a database of known professional plaintiffs that marketers can scrub against to protect themselves from undue risk.
  • Consent Management provides unmatched functionality and best practices for consent revocation throughout the customer journey.
  • Consulting Services include:
    • Development and implementation of a Do Not Call Policy
    • Guidance related to lead generation, express written consent, and opt-in management
    • DNC list management and suppression for National, State, and Internal Lists
    • Third-party list access and suppression for Wireless, Litigator, and RND lists
    • Dialer and texting technology configuration
    • Record keeping demonstrating compliance
    • Monitoring and enforcement of compliance
    • Caller ID and call labeling
    • Scripts and required disclosures
    • Calling times and call attempts
    • And many more

Ensure your bank’s TCPA compliance program is up to date and will stand up to audit scrutiny. 

Speak to an expert about reviewing your organization’s risk and determining steps for compliance.