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Companies who adopt a permission marketing strategy soon learn that consent management goes well beyond data collection. Regulations both in the US and abroad (such as TCPA or CASL) require that certain permissions or consent are obtained from the customer before conducting any marketing.

This consent must be maintained, validated and updated as necessary. In addition, industry regulations and best practices require organizations to have record-keeping and reporting on all permission and data activities to establish a defendable position.

The proliferation of mobile devices adds to the compliance complexity. A significant number of people choose to engage with an organization via mobile, yet mobile communications, specifically SMS and automated dialing, require an opt-in per the Federal Communications Commission's amended TCPA rule. New TCPA rules require companies to allow consumers to revoke consent more easily and if a phone number has changed hands, companies will only get one chance to stop calling the new user before facing penalties.

PossibleNOW's MyPreferences® provides the capabilities to collect and manage consent as well as help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements like TCPA. Our DNCSolution® do not contact technology helps mitigate TCPA compliance risk with high-volume scrubbing against all Do Not Contact databases, including state, federal, company-specific, and wireless.

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TCPA is a key compliance issue that you need to understand.

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