CASL covers all Commercial Electronic Messages (CEMs) sent from, through, and into Canada. Your business does not have to be located within Canada to be held to CASL compliance.

 What qualifies as a CEM?


Any electronic message that includes offers:

  1. To purchase or sell a good or service
  2. To provide business or investment opportunity
  3. That advertises either (a) or (b) above
  4. To promote a person who does anything referred to above

CASL does not apply to:

  1. Non-commercial activity
  2. Voice, fax or robo-calls
  3. Broadcast messages

Our DNCSolution® do not contact technology helps mitigate CASL compliance risk by performing a CASL-compliant scrub of email addresses or phone numbers (for text messages) to check for valid express consent to contact. DNCSolution handles bulk scrubbing or checking one email address or phone number at a time.

CASL is a key compliance issue that you need to understand if you are marketing into, through, or from Canada. Let PossibleNOW's DNCSolution help you ensure compliance with the Canadian Anti-Spam legislation (CASL) as well as with the United States Do Not Call and CAN-SPAM requirements.

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